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About Us

Our Approach

Most NSW Strata Management companies adopt a “one size fits all” approach in pricing services to Owners Corporations. At Guardian Strata we understand that each Owners Corporation has unique needs, issues and complexities.

Prior to providing each Owners Corporation with a proposal for our range of Strata services in Sydney, we endeavour to understand the unique needs of your building and tailor our services to suit.

Our Team

We are the only Strata Management company to be Quality Certified to international standard (ISO9001). As our tag line suggests, we see ourselves as “protecting your assets” focused on measurable and visible customer service. Our team is comprised of experienced individuals with Strata Management expertise continually striving to improve everything we do.

Our Difference

In the Strata Industry, it is generally accepted that over 70% of the time allocated in managing an Owners Corporation by Strata Managers is not visible to the owners. This is partially due to the hidden nature of the administrative functions that are performed by NSW Strata Managers.

“We aim to make all that we do transparent and visible to the Owners Corporation. We do this by tracking the data that we measure ourselves by and making it available to our clients on a regular basis”

The Way we do business

businessYou can rest assured that you will see us more than once a year (ie: at the Annual General Meeting). We proactively monitor our relationship with you and take the initiative to discuss issues as they arise. In order for any business relationship to survive we believe it is important to continually discuss expectations and where necessary make changes to the commercial arrangements to be consistent with those expectations. In today’s fast paced modern business environment, very few things stand still for any length of time.

Our commitment

our-commitmentAt Guardian Strata, our business philosophy is simple. We believe in ensuring that we get the basics right in terms of client relationships.
Our principles are based on:

  • Listening to the needs of the client
  • Meeting our Customer Service charter commitments
  • Providing value consistently
  • Aiming to achieve 100% client satisfaction.


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